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Expertise in Clinical Care and Education

Clinical Care Expertise

In addition to the local expertise of country based experts all over the world, CIHEB draws on the combined Clinical Expertise of the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) and the Maryland Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital in Baltimore.

UMMC has a highly regarded health care response and management system that features deep integration with the State of Maryland care systems and facilitates top notch emergency response and referral services across the states' multiple level clinics and hospitals. UMMC has received multiple state, regional, national and international awards regarding different areas of clinical care services.

UMMC serves a diverse patient population distributed between inner city, sub urban and migrant population groups. This provides practitioners with a unique practice setting that fosters the development of expertise applicable to most parts of the world.

CIHEB's strong affiliation with the Maryland Veterans Administration Hospital in Baltimore also provides a robust, diverse patient population for practicing physicians with many patients returning from military service in different parts of the world.

Clinical Education Expertise

The University of Maryland Baltimore is home to three highly regarded institutions of Clinical Education - the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry and School of Nursing. The School of Medicine was the first institution in the United States to commence Medical residency programs, the School of Dentistry is the first dental college in the world, and the 125 year old school of nursing was founded by the highly decorated Louisa Parsons - a colleague of Florence Nithingale, and has trained 40% of all practicing nurses in the state of Maryland.

These three institutions employ more than 3,000 faculty with the School of Medicine alone supporting 25 academic departments, six programs, nine research centers and three institutes.

CIHEB is able to draw on this pool of human and material resources to provide clinical education to pre and in-service health workers at various levels of education and practice - from undergraduate through to advanced post graduate clinical education.  

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