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Our Approach

Evidence-Based Medicine with a Public Health Approach

Intense focus is maintained on the evidence basis for interventions, and CIHEB consistently seeks long term impact and sustained outcomes at the patient, community and population levels.

Acceleration of Bench-to-Bedside Interventions

With access to expertise and facilities that address the whole spectrum of development for healthcare interventions, CIHEB accelerates the deployment of effective interventions from research to patients.

Applicability and Sustainability within Local Contexts

CIHEB invests heavily in building local human resources and infrastructure. As a standard practice, CIHEB establishes continuous quality improvement and processes for boosting sustainability for all interventions implemented at national and sub-national levels.

Communities of Practice

CIHEB is currently comprised of a global team of more than 250 personnel from 10 countries around the world. Through extensive collaborations and communities of practice, CIHEB is able to disperse knowledge and best practices from one country or project to others.

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Improving individual health outcomes to impact population health