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The Institute of Human Virology's Center for International Health, Education and Biosecutiry (CIHEB) represents more than a decade of initiatives and programs that have positively impacted millions of patients in resource constrained countries.

IHV fully launched programs under CIHEB in 2004 - in response to the Presidents Emergency plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) which sought to save lives and ameliorate the suffering of people around the world who were infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Before this time, IHV had provided limited technical assistance to select institutions in Malawi and Nigeria in a bid to address the raging HIV epidemic. As part of a consortium of institutions committed to improving the health of all global citizens, IHV was able to win two PEPFAR awards (which at the time were two of the largest awards in the history of the University of Maryland) with a mandate to scale up technical assistance for the provision of prevention, care and treatment services to people living with HIV/AIDS in nine countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

From these two initial projects, CIHEB has gone on to implement over 50 health projects in low and middle income countries - providing care and treatment to millions of patients, training and education to thousands of health workers, and building the capacity of hundreds of local and international institutions. Faculty and staff of CIHEB have also led or participated in hundreds of international research projects.

CIHEB is able to bring about change by virtue of its extensive connections with clinical and public health institutions within the University of Maryland System and University of Maryland Medical Center, and its network of foreign born and foreign based experts and personnel who are able to translate effective, evidence based interventions into sustainable impact in project countries.

CIHEB has played significant roles in the development of entire national healthcare systems and continues to be an agent of change for millions of people living in need of quality healthcare around the world.

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